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Airbase feat. Floria Ambra - Denial

Sleepless, come to me
Fill the hours, until the morning sun.

How would you know, know what's inside of me, I wonder how?
We don't have to be, anything else but this, let's end this denial.

I need to, feel you,
breathing, on me.
Fearing, us fading,
I'm waiting, for you to come home

A feather light touch, will keep us together, satisfied.
You light up my path, speeding the hours, you heal me somehow

Let's end this denial. (3X)

Hear me, calling,
I'm going, seeking,
Time is flowing slowly when you're not around.

The hart is, beating,
to make us, blending
You're speeding up my hours until we got the right sound.

Let's end this denial. (3X)


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