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Myon & Shane 54 ft. Carrie Skipper - Vampire

Now spread your wings, can't you hear me calling
Before we're down, we're falling.
Soon too late.

Take the valley lows and the highest mountains,
the fields and all the fountains.
Feels so great.

I feel your needs, I can feel the passion,
This is no religion, there's no fear.

I'm sensing it, can't you feel the passion?
I offer you protection, time stands still.

Now we'll always see the light, through the darkness of the night.
Be your shelter when the storm is in your heart.
See it, believe it, prepare for the fall, to save them all.

As the darkness turns to light,
you'll always find what lies within your mind.
See it, believe it, prepare for the fall, to save them all.

Why can't you see them fall?
Can't you hear them call?

Why can't you see them fall?
For all I ever want lies within your heart,
the world can fall apart.

Can't you hear them call, each and every night,
somewhere deep inside, the darkness turns to light.


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