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Artist: Deux feat. Rebeka Brown - Sun Rising Up

Life has been faded into gray
All over my place, all over my heart, all over my life...

No sign is showing me a way out,
Or telling my soul
How to get out of this never-ending hole of darkness
Surrounding my life...

The absence of the tear has been the only moment of happiness I've ever had;
Could not believe in me.
Believe how to see how many things I had to give,
Even to myself!
I was waiting for nothing, for no one,
for the end...

Before you came and showed me the reason why...
You can run into rows of bright light and shining stars,
Riding rose of silver horses.
You can sail through oceans of love,
Sliding through cascades of rainbows,
Built by sparkling diamonds.

You're the reason why all the grace of life's full in my place
You're the reason why the sun's rising up even when the stronger night
You're the reason why I think I'm falling in love! Oh, oh!

Sun's rising up
But it's up at night
I think I'm falling in love
I think I'm falling in love...


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