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  B Witched - Blame It On The Weatherman (Chicane Vocal Mix)
  B5 - all I do
  Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Rank 1 Remix)
  Baccacio Traxx - Let You Free (Vocal Version)
  Backslash Vs Mikkas - All My Life
  Backslash vs. Mikkas - Want You Back
  Bad Boys Blue - Lover On The Line
  Bad Boys Blue - Lover On The Line
  Balligomingo - Purify (Fades Pure Mix)
  Ballroom - Come Along (Original Mix)
  Ballroom - Passenger (Marc O´Tool Remix)
  Baltes Vs Stevens - Eternal Silence (Vocal Club Edit)
  Balthazar - Insanity
  BANDAholic - Iniwan
  Baracuda - I Leave The World Today
  Barlett Alex feat. Anthya - Touch The Sun (Duende Vocal Remix)
  Barracuda - Damn
  Bart Claessen - Catch Me
  Barthezz - On The Move
  Basement Jaxx feat. Lisa Kekaula - Good Luck
  Bass Kingz - The Rhythm (Jetset Remix)
  Beam & Yanou - The Freefall
  Beam And Yanou - The Freefall (Opus)
  Beam feat. Michelle Aragon - Silent tears
  Beam feat. Michelle Aragon - Silent Tears
  Beber & Tamra - Travelling On (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
  Beber & Tamra - You Wonder (Starecase Vocal Mix)
  Ben Shaw - So Strong
  Benassi Bros - Feel Alive
  Benassi Bros feat. Dhany - Rocket In The Sky
  Bennasi Bros - Hit My Heart
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