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  Paul Keeley feat. Natalie Peris - Disco Belle
  Paul Oakenfold - Not Over Yet
  Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun
  Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged)
  Paul Oakenfold Ft. Tiff Lacey - Hypnotized
  Paul van Dyk - Another Sunday (In Between)
  Paul Van Dyk - Crush
  Paul van Dyk - For An Angel
  Paul van Dyk - Other side
  Paul van Dyk - Spellbound
  Paul Van Dyk - Talk In Gray
  Paul van Dyk - The Other Side
  Paul Van Dyk - the otherside
  Paul Van Dyk - We Are Alive
  Paul van Dyk - We're alive
  Paul van Dyk - We´re alive
  Paul van Dyk - White Lies (Feat. Jessica Sutta)
  Paul van Dyk & Alex M.O.R.P.H. ft. Ashley Tomberlain - Get Back (In Between)
  Paul van Dyk & Starkillers & Austin Leeds ft. Ashley Tomberlain - New York City (@ \'In Between\')
  Paul van Dyk feat Johnny McDaid - Home
  Paul Van Dyk feat. Ashley Tomberlin - New York City
  Paul van Dyk feat. Hemstock & Jennings - Nothing But You
  Paul Van Dyk feat. Jessica Sutta - White Lies
  Paul van Dyk feat. Lo-Fi Sugar - Haunted (in Between)
  Paul Van Dyk feat. Second Sun - Crush(Radio Edit)
  Paul van Dyk feat. Wayne Jackson - The other side
  Paul van Dyk feat. Wayne Jackson - The Other Side
  Paul van Dyk feat. Wayne Jackson - The other side (correcting the lyrics)
  Paul van Dyk ft. Ashley Tomberlain - Complicated (@ \'In Between\')
  Paul van Dyk ft. David Byrne - Fall With Me (@ \'In Between\')
  Paul van Dyk ft. Jan Johnston - Kaleidoscope
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